No more excuses

The last few months have been a dizzying blur. In an effort to feel useful, I said yes to all the possible work shifts at my day job, and yes to almost all sideline jobs that friends and family had to offer me.

I barely had time left for coffee dates, dinner and Skype, but I had no time for myself or any of my endeavours. I told the people closest to me that I was just too busy to do things I wanted to do, and that once my seemingly insurmountable work load eased up, I’d finally hunker down and work on my own personal projects.

But things have been on the quieter side for two weeks now, as everyone has been easing into the holiday season. Unaccustomed to free time, I went around asking people if they needed help with anything, but I was met with a resounding, “Not really. Most of my work’s already done.”

Now that I didn’t have layered deadlines, and my calendar was free of red patches despite my efforts, I came to realise that “busy” was just my excuse to not go after any of my dreams.

So I made up another excuse: I’m giving myself a break.

Now breaks and resting periods are things we should never overlook, but after binge watching an entire season of Friends sprinkled with a few episodes of Mr. Robot, I think I’ve gone past the doing-nothing-in-life grace period and need to get back on track.

I’m sure I can find another excuse to keep putting it off, but I’ve come to the point where I don’t want to.

So this is the first blog where I’ll be sharing it all. I hope I don’t bore you with it and I sincerely will stick to blogging regularly.

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