Consistency: The Dilettante Problem


Dorian Grey, the wretched old man who got away with everything because of his Adonis-like good looks. He dabbled in music, art, and all sorts of other things ā€“ he was a dilettante.

And the moment I read that about him, I realised I had found the one word to describe me. Dilettante.

Like most words four syllables long, it sounds like a fancy, maybe even positive word. But it isn’t.

It means I never go past scratching the surface of something, and I never retain interest enough to gain in-depth knowledge about anything. I’ve tried my hand at calligraphy, video-making, and photography, and I’ve had reasonably good results for a beginner.

But then almost every single time, I stagnated and remained a beginner with potential.

What gets me is the consistency needed to go from promising to actually pretty damn great. To be good enough to make a living off of an artistic endeavour requires a lot of practice, consistent output, and a remarkable amount of patience.

After around two months, my motivation, followed by patience, runs thin. Then output slowly grinds to a stop and then I’m off, looking for another thing to get into.

And now I’ve grown tired of constantly growing tired. It’s about time I push myself to be consistent. Let’s start with this blog and see where we can go from here.




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