By Process of Elimination

Your 20s is the time when you more or less have to start winging life on your own. No more instructions about what step should be next in your life and or when you’re supposed to take it.

It’s absolutely confusing and terrifying for the lot of us who don’t know which direction we’re supposed to be heading in. Coupled with the curated lives we see of our friends on social media, the pressure to figure things out can quickly become unbearable.

The quarter-life crisis is real, when you haven’t quite found your passion yet, but just because you don’t know that one thing you should be doing yet doesn’t mean you’re going nowhere.

I’ve found, in my four years in this tumultuous decade, that discovering what you don’t want to do is already progress; it’s one less path to consider, and one more part of yourself you’ve uncovered.

Paring down the number of routes we’d like our lives to take is a luxury being young gives us, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about needing to  go through the process of elimination to know what it is we really want to do.




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